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By November 5, 2014Beauty, Style

My first beauty product review! Woo-hoo! I give you.. Frank Coffee Scrub*!

I have been dying to try this amazing scrub. Frank is made in Melbourne, Australia, and shipped internationally. So neat! This little Frank package contains a coffee scrub of 200g (7oz) of sweet almond, & orange. It’s as good as it sounds. Oh, and this product is for babes only. Guys are babes too.

The greatest packaging ever. You really need to check out Frank’s social media – it is too funny.

At first, I thought , “How can coffee cure my dry skin?”  Frank says, “When caffeine is applied topically to the skin it can stimulate blood-flow and circulation. Ground coffee beans are  a natural exfoliant helping to reduce dry skin.” Who would have thought coffee is the cure.. I mean, it makes perfect sense. Coffee cures my sleepiness in the mornings, and now heals my dry skin. I love it.

Frank says after scrubbing, wait about 5 minutes for the best results.

I scrubbed my legs, & arms- paying attention to areas where my skin is most dry. My chest usually gets spots after working out, so I scrubbed a little longer where I needed it most.

I finished my bubble bath and rinsed off and.. HOLY smoothness! My skin feels so good today! The best part? The Frank Scrub comes in a package that should last you a whole month! Mine cost me $14.95, and it was the best $14.95 I’ve ever spent on a scrub. I bought the Original Frank Scrub, although there are a few different kinds. The smell is so delicious – it’s like an orange coffee bundled in goodness. You will love it.

Also, for “American Babes” .. free shipping! Get out of here. Best deal of your life – so give it a try!!

Get your Frank on! Buy it here.  And let me know how it goes in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading!

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