10 Ways To Improve Your Monday

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let’s talk business. monday mornings can be rough.. but with these ten little tricks, i start off my week feeling refreshed and ready to get workin’.

1. go for a run

for many of us, we sit a desk 8-10 hours a day while we work. this can cause a lot of uncomfortable muscle cramping. i know my legs feel like they need a good run after a really long day of work – and a light jog is the trick! i’ve found that when i run before bed, i sleep so much better .. or if i decide to run in the morning before work, i feel energized and ready to go. choose a time, and go! you just need the extra push to do it & once you do, you’ll feel so much better. plus, clearing your head before a big work week helps you think and perform better!

2. have a sunday evening ritual

sundays are a day of rest! (and church), which i am all for, but i also like to get prepared for my monday. i’m not saying to check your inbox, but it does help to have your agenda open and ready to go for early monday morning. i organize my work space- it’s very simple, and takes about 5 minutes. open your agenda to your next work week. get rid of all of your old ‘to do’ sticky post-it lists from last week, and have your new post-its ready to go! create your new list and label it, with the day and date in your agenda or journal. now you know what you need to knock out right away, rather than wasting time on thinking what you needed to start. i also get my mug ready for my morning coffee. hey, it’s one less thing to find in the morning.

3. go to bed before 10pm

this sounds early .. but i try to go to bed as early as i can, and it really helps! sleep will recharge your body for your big day in the morning. still can’t sleep? i’ve found that when i shut off all of my electronics and lay in bed with a good book, i pass out within 15 minutes. scrolling through all of your social media does not help! so power it down, and try reading, with a cup of hot decaffeinated tea – it works.

4. shower in the morning

i like to shower in the mornings because it really wakes me up and gets me ready for my day. it’s just that extra boost you need to wake up and take on your monday. i also recommend using the frank coffee scrub i blogged about here – it really energizes and exfoliates your skin and gets the blood circulating. i love it!

5. crank up the tunes

when i get ready for my day, i put on norah jones pandora. it just puts me in a good mood! i love you norah. there are also days i will blast some inappropriate iggy azalea but that’s a different story.. that’s sales presentation days.

6. eat a good breaky

no excuses! a glass of oj isn’t going to cut it. breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and it’s because it gives you energy for your whole day. lately, i’ve been eating the publix premium greek yogurt .. the plain flavor with honey. holy toledo. if you want something delicious with a ton of protein, i suggest picking it up at publix. plus they are 10 for $10. they have a ton of flavors – but trust me, you want honey. (you can browse it here) i also will have a cup of hot green tea, a banana and either a piece of toast or english muffin. if i have time i make turkey bacon, with one egg. yummy.

7. keep up with the news

i’ll admit that i don’t really like reading the news. i actually follow many stations that deliver local, national and global news on my twitter; which is very convenient, but can also be distracting. instead of checking twitter, put on the local news while you’re eating breakfast. it’s important to know what is going on in the world – try to make it a habit at least a couple times a week.

8. one daily affirmation

before you begin your work day, think of one positive thought towards the outlook of your new day. make it consistent, and tell yourself something nice each day. give some thanks to the Big Guy (God) for keeping you around another day. something. anything. it can be as simple as looking in the mirror and smiling! there’s no reason to be stressed before your day begins, and this is a great way to do a quick meditation before starting the day.

9. send happy emails

there are two types of emailers in this world; those that are grumpy and those that are not. i am a happy emailer – and here is the trick. all you need to do is add in a quick “happy monday!” to your email. it sends the message, ‘i’m approachable, i’m happy and i can work’. & let me tell you .. it makes my day when i get a nice email. it can make or break my mood! so give it a try. spread the happiness.. make work and emailing professional but positive.

10. kindness matters

this is kind-of my mantra. this also ties into #9, but it’s a very simple idea; be kind to those around you. you don’t know what your co-worker or colleague or client or friend is going through on this monday morning. why not be extra kind and offer to buy someone’s coffee? or even better, don’t ask. just buy it. little acts of kindness go a long way. i loved this really awesome article in saint petersburg, a few months back. To summarize, hundreds of drive-thru customers payed for the drinks of the strangers behind them at a local St. Petersburg Starbucks. this is brilliant. i don’t necessarily believe in karma, but it always pays off to be kind to those around you.

those are 10 ways i start my week. & believe me, on a monday morning, these 10 really help me out. give them a try! thanks for reading!

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