30 minute meal – the egg basket

By December 14, 2014Lifestyle

hi everyone! what a weekend .. friday night i hit the gym with my sister (rare occurrence) & watched a late night movie, and saturday i went to a holiday party and bar crawl downtown st. pete. and well, you could say i’m a little sleepy today (with a minor headache), but it was well worth it. it was a really fun time. anyway..let’s get to the food.

most of my friends know i’m not the greatest chef in the world. i’m actually known to burn almost everything. so you could say i’m a little bit challenged in the kitchen. however,

i’ve been looking for an easy egg/brunch recipe for some time, and finally found a really great one a few weeks back. i thought i would give it a try.. i’ve got to say, it turned out amazing!! the best part is that this little meal will take you 30 minutes from prep to finish, with no clean up! so. easy.

let’s get started..

(for two people) you will need:

– two large bread rolls

i picked a up a freshly baked bag of three from publix. i highly recommend getting the demi loaf sourdough (sourdough is not pictured)

– swiss cheese

you can really use any cheese you would like, i prefer swiss when it is baked

– two fresh eggs

one per person

– one teaspoon of milk or cream

2% works just fine, or half & half if you want it to be really creamy

– optional toppings

i added turkey bacon and mushroom

1. preheat your oven to 200c / 390 f

2. gently cut off the top half of the bun and begin scooping out the middle

 3. chop your toppings & add to your bread basket; i started with cheese at the bottom

4. crack one egg per basket

5. add your teaspoon of milk or cream

6. load up your basket with more toppings.. the cheesier the better!

(cover the yolk so it is not exposed)

7. wrap and secure your basket(s) with aluminum foil

8. bake for 20 minutes for a cooked but runny egg. if you want your yolk fully cooked, bake for 8-10 minutes longer

pour yourself some oj .. and voila!! you have yourself a delicious egg basket. so easy to make & no mess to clean.

great for on the go, too!

a really yummy breakfast made in only 30 minutes.. rachael ray would be so proud of me. haha.

give it a try & let me know how yours turns out!

happy sunday! enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends.



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