over the holidays, groupon had a really great deal on motorsport lab, a traveling supercar agency that allows their customers to drive ferraris and lamborghinis. the groupon was good for three laps in a ferrari 360 modena .. his dream car! the motorsport lab crew was great, and it was a really fun experience.

he made it! without a scratch, too!

i recommend checking groupon first, as it can be pricey, but overall, was a really fun experience. tampa/st. pete locals, the course is right in the parking lot of tyrone square mall (random, i know) but it’s actually a really convenient location. this is great for any occasion, and such a fun gift! for more info on motorsport lab, click here.

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  • Surinder says:

    – Here I am again back for more of your amazing taenlt You really know how to control all the element to get the perfect shot I love you pictures of the cars !

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