Rocking a One Piece

The one piece .. it’s always a bold decision when swimsuit shopping. I always find myself thinking,

“How many times will I actually wear this?”

“There’s no way I can pull this off.”

“The tan lines!”

but, this asos deep plunge one piece is a fun and sexy way to mix up your bathing suit style. Let’s be honest, for women who are not blessed ‘up top’ (me), it feels good to wear something sexy once in a while. ok,  I’m not saying I swam laps in this suit, but it’s definitely a great go-to for a beach party or lounging in the sun. The black is super slimming, & I love mixing in long dangly jewelry to add that extra sparkle.

Would you rock a one piece?

handmade jewels-  rustic layers

one piece – asos


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