I Studied At The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design And Here’s What Happened

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Over the summer, I was flipping through the pages of Vogue when I saw the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design ad. “The Condé Nast College is located in the heart of Soho, London, with fashion industry experts as teachers, and incredible resources..” By the time I finished reading the first couple of sentences, I was in fashion daydream heaven. Fashion school in London during London Fashion Week.. how amazing would that be?! I realized my two week vacation time was approaching, and with plans to visit Mexico, I decided I’d be taking a different route with my vacation time this year. And just like that, I booked my little adventure over the pond. London baby!

I’ll be honest.. not all of my impulsive decisions are always the best ones, (that one time I booked two nights in Ibiza by myself) but this was definitely one of my better ideas. Before I knew it, September had arrived and my trip was finally here. I checked in to my hotel (after a few minor mix ups) and started my first day of classes in the lovely neighborhood of Soho. I signed up for classes last minute and was all set!

Here’s how the week went: we were broken up into groups on our first day (aspiring fashion stylists and fashion journalists) and given an important assignment to present on our last day; The Vogue Pitch. At this point, in the very first hour, I was already on cloud nine. From brainstorming and meeting with my group, to pulling ideas from vintage issues in the (incredibly chic) library, I was excited to learn about this amazing industry filled with so many people from all over the world. Five days of intensive journalism classes from industry professionals is exactly what you get. Lectures, reading material, writing assignments and studying .. but you’re studying Vogue. British Vogue.

The school looks exactly as you would imagine a Condé Nast College to look. Simple. Posh. Everything is pure white; the classrooms, the tables, the library and the floors. My favorite room was the library, which held the glorious Vogue archives dating back from the first issues of British Vogue in the 20s. Huge fashion designer books line the shelves along side of Macbook computers and writing spaces. I stayed every night until the close, and was always the last one to leave, but mainly because I didn’t want to part with the beautiful library. I would have slept there if I could’ve, there was so much to read, but such little time.

(photo via www.condenastcollege.co.uk)

(photo via www.bhcltd.co.uk)

(photo via www.weareendpoint.com)

I know what you’re thinking.. “What the heck did you wear?”  But really. What does one wear to “Vogue School”, where everyone and everything is.. so chic. Well, it was actually a lot easier than I imagined. Before my trip, I did a major haul at TJ Maxx and came home with so many great staples for the fall season. I found this beautiful BCNU printed blazer that I immediately knew I could mix and match with a couple of different outfits. I also bought this classic Ralph Lauren white crisp button down, which at $30, is a major steal. My black Liverpool Jeans were the perfect amount of stretch and so comfortable. I added a bold red lip and my outfit was complete! I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s personal taste and styles.

My favorite part of the entire week was the staff. Industry experts, fashion writers, journalists and bloggers taught our classes. I had the pleasure to learn from fashion writers Paul Tierney, Linda Watson, and former Deputy Editor of (British) Vogue, Susie Forbes to name a few! Hearing from some of the best and brightest minds in the industry was surreal, and an incredible experience. In addition to the Vogue branded fashion courses, we also heard from several speakers at Condé Nast through out the week. Because it was London Fashion Week, I also attended several industry talks from fashion designers such as Peter Pilotto and Henry Holland. Lots of “pinch me” moments to say the least!

The entire week was a blast! I would recommend anyone who is interested in the fashion industry to check out the Condé Nast College Fashion & Design. I had an amazing experience and could honestly say it was worth every cent. I’m excited for the opportunities that are to come.

London, I’ll be back-I am sure of it!

Outfit – T.J. Maxx

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Flats – Target

Photos by the amazing Victoria Metaxas.

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