Finally! A Mascara That’s Worth The Investment

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I have to admit that I’m a major cheapo when it comes to certain beauty products. I can’t stand spending money on a lipstick when I can find a standard drug store one for less than ten bucks. Mascara? Same thing. In college I would go for the cheapest one in CVS but it would always be such a pain to wash off at the end of a night out. Smears and smudges all over. Red and puffy skin in the morning. Yep, I was that girl.

I didn’t know a good mascara until I decided to splurge on one from Lancôme. This mascara changed my daily beauty routine forever. What’s great about the Lancôme Grandiose is it’s unique swan-neck wand; it is designed to work the natural contours of the face. It allows you to reach every single lash, from corner to corner, in one swipe. I love how smooth and quick drying the formula is.. your lashes stay so soft!

The perfect stocking stuffer or just your own holiday treat, this mascara is liquid gold for your lashes. $32 and free shipping.. worth the investment! Shop it here.


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