Rainy Reflections

By January 5, 2016Style

How has another year passed? This one flew by, but looking back on 2015, it was one heck of a year!

Personally, having all of my sisters back in St. Petersburg was the best. We started new traditions as a family. Mili, our golden retriever is still cute. (And a little crazy.) My boyfriend Marc got his visa for one year (yippie!) and moved from Tampa to St. Petersburg, which was wonderful. I started blogging, and wrote a couple of free lance articles. (for HSN, Oxford Exchange.) I turned 24. I cut my hair really short. Grew it out. Then got highlights. My tastebuds changed- I like fish.. weird! My weakness is still milk chocolate. I did some traveling. My cousin and I visited Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day. I flew to Cancun with Marc on a whim. I vacationed to London and Barcelona, and met some awesome people. I drove to St. Augustine to see friends from college. I lost my sweet grandpa to leukemia which was incredibly heartbreaking. I cherished family time and the simple things, like good health and great memories. My friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! So many ups and downs, laughs and tears. (Some laughs and tears simultaneously.) But overall, I feel very blessed to have had another wonderful year with those I love most. I am so grateful.


Professionally, I continued my second year with my job in the hospitality industry. I still have a great team, and I still learn new things everyday. My day to day work routine changed a lot this past year. (It continues to change each day.) I still work from home! My title changed from Sales Manager to Director of Sales. I built relationships with clients. (woohoo.) I traveled to California, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C, Virginia, Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, to name a few. I learned I love New Orleans. I learned I dislike New York public transportation (especially when you are crunched for time.) I learned the importance of being on time. I still love being surrounded by different cultures, languages and people. I learned that personality is everything, and if you have no idea what to do, ask questions. I asked a lot of them and still do. Still really like what I do! I feel so lucky to work with really awesome people.


Financially, I pay rent now. Ah! Just kidding, it’s a good thing. I was rent free for one year at home, and moved into a studio downtown. I learned that saving requires patience, but is super important. This year, I saved a lot. I spent a lot. I paid off almost all of my student loans. I saved all year! Then I spent way too much on my London vacation. (Oops.) I opened my first LLC and named my first business. I figured out the fun financial stuff that comes along with it. I hired a phony accountant. (Mistake!) I hired a reliable accountant. (Phew!)  I experienced identify theft for the first time. (Not fun.) All in all, I learned a lot financially. My dad always says, save 20% of what you make. I try to save 45-50%.

Through the ups and downs, this past year was one I will remember.

Onwards and upwards.. I’m ready for you, 2016! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Thank you for being apart of my “journey”.



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