Stand Up For Love

By September 16, 2017Lifestyle, Style

I was on a business trip in New Orleans a few weeks ago and while taking a cab from one meeting to the next, I was in conversation with my driver. A nice older man, he told me I could call him Mr. Miller. I figured we’d chat about the weather and my time in New Orleans, but Mr. Miller went straight to life advice. He said, “Listen, Mary. If you remember anything from this cab ride then remember this: If you do good, good will follow.” He told me about this family, his mother that passed away, his grandchildren. He continued to give me some powerful advice on life, love and family. With the little time we had left, he told me something that I will always remember and keep close to my heart. He ended our trip by telling me, “Mary, stand up for what is right. And whatever you do, do it with love and with your whole heart.” I returned home that next day and smiled to remember this man’s face and our short conversation; how, with only 20 minutes in the car he could make me feel so thankful for my life and family. One week later, I found this graphic tee, and it reminded me so much of Mr. Miller, and the kindness he had shown me. These small life moments where we show kindness and compassion to friends, family, complete strangers.. can completely turn someone’s day around. I know it sure did for me. Thank you Mr. Miller- this post is dedicated to you!

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