30 Day Gratitude Challenge

I had the best weekend in New York with Marc, doing all of our favorite annual NY touristy things, and also celebrating the life of my childhood friend, Elliot at the New York City Marathon with his family and best friends. I came back home to St. Pete with a bittersweet feeling of both sadness and an enormous amount of gratitude. This year has been a year of loss. I lost a childhood friend. I lost my Mimi & Boats and my Papa. I lost my best friend’s mom, Helene.  With each loss, I’ve been profoundly sad. Sad because I know I won’t see these wonderful people ever again, or spend time, or text or call, or see over the holidays. But, with each loss I’ve had a new affinity for the beautiful delicacy of life. How each day isn’t promised. How we are all only here for a short while, and how we should live our lives the way we wish to be remembered; with love and kindness, the way that each of those I’ve lost this year lived.

I was boarding our flight home when I found a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, and thought it was almost serendipitous to how I felt after the weekend. You may have seen that one of my favorite quotes is “Start each day with a grateful heart.” I love starting and ending my day with this mantra, it helps me take a moment to pause and be thankful.

Although for this challenge, I am 7 days late, I squeezed in a few yesterday so I could catch up. I hope you’ll join me during this month to give thanks and be grateful. This challenge is all about asking yourself, “What can I do for someone else?” Do you know someone that is hurting? Reach out to them. Is there someone in your community that could use some help? Lend a hand. Be there for someone. Show up. This month I’m challenging myself (and you!) to step outside of the comfort zone and take action. We’re only given one life, let’s give it all we got. Let’s live like Elliot. Let’s live with love.

What are you grateful for today? I hope you will join me in this month’s challenge with Glitter Guide.

(All pics by my talented novio, Marc)

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